To Know and Love Him, part 1: Series Overview


Personal Goal

We can know God because God has made Himself known. We can love God because God first loved us. Knowledge of God and love for God, these are the greatest treasures ever to find. To be known by God and to know Him; to be loved by God and to love Him, let this be your great endeavor and your life will not be in vain. 

Living for God's Glory

Children of God strive to grow in their knowledge and love of God. We strive by faith in Christ. We strive in the strength of the Holy Spirit. We strive according to Scripture through prayer and study. Why? To enjoy and praise God for His glory and grace. Our lives are meant to glorify God. Apart from this, everything else is fake. Let us avoid the hypocrital life of empty religion by striving to grow in our knowledge of God and in our love, desire, and affection for Him.

That is the purpose of this series. This first chapter gives and explains the outline we will follow. 


  1. Section 1: God's Essence
  2. Section 2: God's Works
  3. Section 3: God's Purpose
  4. Section 4: God's Persons

There is a lot to say about God because the Bible says a lot about God. But this outline is simple and will be easy to follow. 


God is a Triune being. That means three in one. God is one in essence who exists in three co-divine persons. The first section of meditations will be on God's essence. The last section will be on the persons

God is almighty Creator and gracious Redeemer. These are the two chief works of God. They give context to all other works of God. After God's essence, the next section of meditations will be on God's works. God as Creator and Redeemer will be the framework. This is the biblical context for meditating on God's attributes and character. 

God is a covenant Lord with a specific purpose. God uses covenants (life-and-death bonds and commitments) to establish and govern His relationships with people. All the Bible, and therefore all of history, is the story of God's purpose being gradually revealed and accomplished through God's covenants. After God's works, then, the next section of meditations will be on God's purpose of grace. God's purpose of grace is the defining plot and unifying theme of God's covenants, which climax in the coming of Christ. 

God is. Two streams, or two aspects run throughout these meditations. The first aspect is who God is. The second aspect is what God does and says (and why He does and says it!). God has made Himself and His love known through His works and His Word, but who God is and what God does and says are different things. If, in our minds, we mix and mingle God's essence with God's works, then our knowledge and love for Him will suffer greatly. 

Before and apart from anything God does or says, God is. And who God is never changes.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. 

James 1:17

Practial Use

We must, therefore, stay grounded in Scripture as the source and standard for our knowledge of God and His love. Apart from this there is only speculation. 


Read all of Psalm 51 and contemplate God's grace toward sinners, toward you.

Have mercy on me, O God, according to your steadfast love; 

according to your abundant mercy blot out my transgressions. 

[2] Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!

Psalm 51:1-2

O Lord, You are gracious; and You have been gracious to me;

Apart from You, there is no forgiveness of sin.

But You sent Your Son and He has made a way;

By the blood of His cross, He has made a way;

Because Jesus lives in heaven, there is a way to Your holy place;

Therefore, by faith in Him, I come to You who is forever blessed.


Here is the outline again with subtitles:

  1. Section 1: God's Essence: The Holy and Eternal One
  2. Section 2: God's Works: The Creator and Redeemer
  3. Section 3: God's Purpose: The Promise and Purpose of Grace
  4. Section 4: God's Persons: The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

No matter what, let us not forget the purpose of our meditations: that we might grow in our knowledge of love of God. To Him be the glory, in the Name of Jesus Christ.